Caring about the environment varies vastly from society to society. Most people grow up accustomed to throwing everything away into one trashcan. The Industrial Revolution had a lot to do with it, and has socially conditioned many people to be narrow minded about the environment.  Some of them don’t even understand who and why someone would bother to recycle, reuse and save electricity.  Their question would be “ Who cares about the environment?”

As a child, growing up in the late 80’s was fun and exciting. One of my favorite relaxations was to go fishing in the pond near my house. The place was always secluded and I would usually go swimming right after the fishing session was over. The place was beautiful and whenever I couldn’t be there, I would just close my eyes to imagine it. Even with my eyes closed I could remember the gentle breeze carrying green leaves across the pond, water reflecting sunrays, birds singing and the presence of love was all around me. I had the whole place memorized and I felt unique connectedness to everything that was there.

Sometime later we moved to a big city, which was noisy, dirty, chaotic and stressful. The daily life there consisted of going to school that had fights break out everyday, rushing to work with my mom, hearing gunshots at night. Yet with all that madness, I could always remember my beautiful pond atmosphere.

One day my parents decided to go back to our old house. I remember being super excited and joyful. As a child I was somewhat introverted, but on that day no one could shut me up. The trip was only few hours away, so the whole way there I had my eyes closed remembering the place I’m about to revisit.

After our arrival to the old house, I immediately took off running toward my place of tranquility. I was nearly sprinting and tripping on rocks trying to get there.  When I made my last step over the hill, I nearly dropped to my knees.

Everything was gone.

Instead of trees there were only stumps, instead of clean water there was gasoline floating on top and there was no fish, no birds, and nothing alive around. All I saw was some food wrappers and some metal brackets.

As sadness was clouding my mind the anger was slowly creeping in to take full control. I kept asking myself  “why would somebody do this?”

On that day I lost a part of me. That lost part became a great motivator for me to live a sustainable life.

So, who cares about the environment?

Its the people who feel the unique connection to nature and have experienced the destruction of it.

I am one of those people.