Silva Limited is introducing the most durable and sustainable Macbook case on the market. The case is made out of bamboo and has wool felt inside of it. Silva Limited focuses on making the custom bamboo cases for the 13 inch and 15 inch Macbooks. While the case is beautiful, the price might be too high for some folks.

Photos by Silva Ltd.

When it comes to sustainable materials, the bamboo is on top five list. Bamboo has been used for centuries in home construction, boat construction and gardening tools. In the past five decades the bamboo has been phased out due to the industrial’s ability to reproduce a bit stronger materials. It wasn’t a problem until the world realized how many hazardous chemicals were being used in the production process of such materials. The society today is becoming more aware of the damage that has been done upon earth. Therefore, bamboo is coming back in popularity.

With today’s technology the bamboo can be made as strong as steel. There are already several bicycle and motorcycles manufactures that use bamboo for their frame construction.

The bamboo is also spreading to the protective products, such as cases.

Silva Limited is being one of the leading manufacturers in bamboo cases today.

All of the Silva Ltd bamboo cases are made specifically for Macbooks. They are hand crafted by Justin Silva and thoroughly tested for a perfect fit. Since the cases are made out of bamboo, they only weigh two pounds and are extremely sturdy.  The handle is made out of genuine leather, which will probably out last the Macbook.

Photos by Silva Ltd.

Anything handcrafted is usually built with highest quality in mind and that quality is certainly reflected in the price of $179.99.

The price can be justified by someone who travels a lot or someone who is just completely in love with their Macbook.

The bottom line is, the case is gorgeous, sustainable and durable.