The LED manufacture Cree has announced a new LED bulb breakthrough. Cree is claiming to have produced an LED light that is similar to incandescent light bulb in color reproduction and in uniformity. Cree has also mentioned a major cost reduction in LED bulb production. This will mean that the possibility of LED bulbs may rise up to 46 percent in commercial lighting industry by 2020.

MR-16 bulb components that go with new Cree XM-L EasyWhite LEDs. (Credit: Cree)

When it comes to light bulb sustainability, the LED technology cannot be beaten. LED lights only use four watts of power, while offering 340 lumens of brightness. The incandescent bulbs use as much as 100 watts of power.

So why aren’t LED bulbs everywhere by now?

The main reason is they are considered to be too expensive. Depending on the company, some LED bulbs can go as high as $50 per bulb. Up until now CFL bulbs have been dominating the market, but because CFL’s contain mercury, many environmentalists are ruling against them.

Cree has claimed to find a new way of reducing the LED cost. The company mainly specializes in projection light fixtures and initially is going to sell package deals to various companies. The actual price reduction hasn’t been announced yet, but If Cree will reduce the price down equivalent to CFL bulbs then the CFL’s will be a thing of the past.