Apple is one of the leading technology companies. Many people associate Apple with earth friendliness and sustainability. Therefore Apple has charts and websites dedicated to show how green they are in comparison to the other companies. People tend to wonder if the statistics are actually true.

Geekphone has decided to do their own eco impact testing of the iPhone. Since there are 100 million iPhones out there, it seems like an important thing to do. They did a good job in this infographic shown below.

Geekaphone's How Green is the iPhone Infographic

Geekphone points out that upgrading should only be done when necessary. The recycling process seems to be just as important. The last thing to note is that the purchase of a used iPhone can probably be most important on the whole list.

With so many iPhones on the market, the impact it can have is fairly dramatic.

Please consider this infographic next time the new iPhone comes out.