The greenest transportation around is the bicycle. The problem is that some bicycles are bulky and too heavy for most people. Most of the stores only sell these kind of bicycles. Therefore people have a narrow minded perspective on what is available.

There are foldable bicycles on the market that will fulfill the idea of compact and light. Some of these bikes have set world records as far as being able to fit into buses, yachts, cars and trains.

These bikes have smaller wheels, but are still very fast.

See most popular ones below.


What: Citizen Bike Alloy
Where: Citizen
Why: The heaviest model in this little review, at 14 kg (30 lbs), but with the lightest price. Not bad for a six speed 20” folding bike.
How much: $254

Dennis's favorite

What: iXi Breakaway
Where: iXi Bike
Why: Separating four speed 12.25 kg (27 lbs) city bike, sports a greaseless composite drive chain, integrated carry handle and rain poncho!
How much: $1,000


What: Bike Friday Tikit
Where: Bike Friday
Why: Made in the USA 11 kg (23.7 lbs) commuter that folds in 5 seconds, from a company with legendary customer loyalty
How much: $1,195