Beavers have been around for thousands of years. They play very important part in our ecosystem.  When beavers take trees down, they usually drop them in a strategic location. This kind of action keeps small ponds from drying out and therefore provides water for other species.

So next time someone encounters a beaver, please let them know how much their work is appreciated.

Here is a top ten list of beaver appreciation gestures.

1. When a beaver is nearby, greet it with a respect by calling it “Sir Beaver”

2. If possible, come up to a beaver and brush it’s teeth.

3.  Take a beaver on a ride along, they love cars.

4. Give a beaver a high five to it’s tail.

5. Challenge a beaver to a half a mile swim.

6. Kiss beaver’s nose

7. Read beaver a happy poem.

8. Watch “Friends” with a beaver.

9. Compliment beaver’s hair.

10. Spend a whole night cuddling with a beaver.

Please consider these beautiful gestures when encountering a beaver.