Many people think that if someone has all of the money in the world, they would not care about the environment. That has been a major misconception about the rich people and celebrities. Today celebrities rather ride their bicycle than be stuck in a polluting car.

Everybody knows celebrities are rich, therefore they have no ego to protect. They are free to do what they want. It seems all they want to do is set an example for others to follow.

Let’s see who is going green.

          Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Looks like they are going for a family ride, but the cars behind them aren’t too happy.

By Emma Grady

Up next we have Jake Gyllenhaal

Spotted in Hudson River Park in NYC. It looks like he is playing it on a safe side with that helmet.

By Emma Grady

Owen Wilson

It looks that Owen is not in the paparazzi mood, but rather in the going green mood.

By Emma Grady

Last, but not least we have Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli enjoying their day in NYC.

By Emma Grady

These celebrities are setting a prime example for everyone to follow.

The green community solutes them.