The Lito Green Motion has manufactured an electric motorcycle that goes up to 124 miles per hour. The company has originated from Canada and has decided to build the fastest electric motorcycle available on the market. The motorcycle is called “Sora” and can travel 185 miles on a single charge. It is safe to say that this motorcycle looks awesome.

When it comes to electric motorcycles, the aesthetics are usually the weakest aspect of the whole. Many electric motorcycles look like an oversized moped these days.

But, not anymore!

Photo: Lito Green Motion

The Lito Green Motion from Canada is introducing an all new Sora. The Sora has pretty impressive specifications and definitely falls under the superbike category. What is even more impressive is that the biker can change the driving dynamics by adjusting the seat configuration with a push of a button.

Most of the controls reside on the GPS system, which is built in near the steering wheel. Since there isn’t a gas tank in the middle, it allows for more room for the additional technology and other equally impressive specification. (See list)

All this innovation comes at a price of $44,000.

The company allows anyone to reserve a test drive and with this kind of price, it is highly recommended.

On a positive side, tax incentives and rebates will apply and might justify the high price.

The bike should be available during October of 2011.