The 241st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society has introduced an artificial leaf. This “artificial leaf” could provide enough electricity to the entire household through mimicking photosynthesis. The leaf is an advanced solar cell made with silicon, electronics and catalysts. It can also split hydrogen and oxygen in bright sunlight to provide ten times the energy as organic leaf.

The artificial leaf technology has been in the works for ten years and could never be practical up until now. The major issue has been the high price of production, but now there is a cheaper way of using nickel and cobalt for manufacturing. This leaf might be cheap enough to provide electricity for homes in underdeveloped countries. So far the artificial leaf prototype has been tested to work efficiently for over 45 hours. The scientist are hoping to make it work efficiently for several years and possibly increasing the overall size of artificial leaf. Currently the leaf measures to be the size of a poker card, which makes it hard to work with.

It seems that turning sunlight into energy is the main focus of green technology today. The solar panel technology is being used on cars, houses, cell phones, back packs and roof tops. This is very exciting time for humanity to start implementing sustainable green technology into the mix.

The green movement is one of the highest considerations today. It can be hypothesized that the green technology is going to be the driving force of the world’s economy for next forty years.