Small Company called Wysips has created a transparent solar power screen for next generation cell phones. The transparent solar screen will be able to charge a cell phone in 6 hours, using only light. This technology will help cell phones to perform faster while making them smaller. Similar technology might be implemented on the future iPhones and iPads.


Charging cell phone with light.

Current cell phones are becoming the center point of world’s communication and entertainment. This means the cell phone companies are constantly on a rush to make their cell phones a complete package. The all-in-one goal has much strain on the battery life and the demand for more complicated applications is on the rise. It was just matter of time before someone implemented an alternative charging mechanism.


Let’s evaluate the details of Wysips new innovation.

The screen measures to be less than 100 microns deep and is made out of photovoltaic cells that lay down on top of the cell phone’s display screen. Afterwards, the precise layers of cylindrical lenticular lenses are deposited on top. This allows the light to pass through the screen and to charge the battery by focusing the solar energy onto the PV cells, where the electricity is generated.

It is still a prototype, but company’s president is promising major improvements for the next year. The main improvement is going to be charging speed, which will be an hour for 30 minutes of talk time. This will still depend on lighting intensity and the amount of IR and UV radiation in the light.

Although the green technology is the main focus here, the additional electricity input will be able to give cell phone makers the ability implement faster CPUs, while reducing the battery size.

The battery life increase is much needed in iPhones and iPads, due to their video gaming capabilities.

When this technology is adopted, it may be the next technological leap.