Carnegie Mellon University has been part of Electric Vehicle Conversion Project for quite some time now. Last year they showed off electric Honda Fit and this year they will unveil 2002 Civic Ex. Both vehicles are prime examples of gas to electric vehicle conversions. Researcher Illah Nourbakhsh will be hosting an open house on March 25th to show off the conversion process.

2002 civic ex

When it comes to car conversions there are always people who can do it better. In this case the Carnegie Mellon University has specifically concentrated on spending time and money to work on Honda vehicles. The process isn’t too complicated, but still has to be done right. At first the Civic’s conventional power train is replaced with 35-horsepower electric motor and the trunk is utilized as 33 lithium-iron-phosphate battery container. This will give the car a speed of 70 miles per hour and the ability to travel 40 miles in mixed driving environments. The charging will consist of 10 hours on standard 110 volt outlet.

Although this seems like an easy conversion, it isn’t cheap. The conversion costs $17,000 or more, depending on the model. Since this is the beginning stage of the conversion program, it will take some time before the price can be lowered. Until then it will be very hard to convince someone to spend this kind of money, considering other similar electric vehicles on the market.

The battery fills up spear tire compartment and then some.

On the other hand the gas prices have been climbing in the past few months. If this continues, the demand will grow and the price will drop. Therefore the upgrade will pay itself off within few years, and definitely will save money in the long run while saving the earth.;stories