Voltaic backpack is one of the most innovative products to enter the green market. This backpack has a resistant shell made out of recycled soda bottles and has built in solar panels for charging of any handhelds like MP3 players, cell phones and digital cameras. The Voltaic backpack also includes 11 adapters, DC car charger, AC travel charger and lithium-ion battery.

These days green marketing is what drives many smaller companies to success. Since the solar panel prices are dropping, more people have the ability to experiment with them. This helps with introduction of new and innovative concept like the Voltaic backpack. The concept of a backpack with solar panels seems simple, yet surprising that bigger companies like North Face and REI haven’t implemented this in their lineup. It only makes sense to create a back pack with rechargeable capabilities with today’s ever growing market of handheld gadgetry.

Voltaic does a good job of implementing solar panels without compromising backpack’s dimensions. The backpack has enough room to fit a 17-inch laptop and has plenty of pockets for cell phones, MP3 players and other gadgetry. The solar panels are on top of the backpack and can last up to 25 years under normal conditions. If damaged, each 4-ounce cell can be replaced for $30. This bag is ideal for camping, hiking, and bicycling trips, where there is plenty of sunlight to charge the lithium-ion battery. On average expect eight to ten hours to fully charge the battery. Popular handhelds like iPods and BlackBerries can be fully charged from the battery within five hours.

To some it might sound silly to spend $250 on a backpack. On the other hand consider life or death situation with cell phone beeping on low battery while talking to 911 emergency. The $250 will sound more reasonable then. Not everyone goes hiking deep in the woods, but having the security of fully charged electronics can make Voltaic backpack a worthy choice.