Japanese inventor Akinori Ito has made a machine that can convert plastic bags into fuel. This machine uses carbon negative process and can recycle two pounds of plastic in a single load. The machine doesn’t have a name yet, but is being sold by the inventor’s Blest Corporation.

From plastic to fuel in just few minutes.

One of the main concerns environmentalists have today is the overwhelming amount of plastic that goes into landfills. Most countries out there have banned plastic bag use and in places like England, it has become illegal not to recycle. Once again U.S.A is the last one to follow the suit. The gadgets that recycle plastic in a convenient way are more likely to attract U.S.A consumers. Blest could be one of those gadgets, since it works just like a recycle bin. Just throw the plastic in and it will start the process with a push of a button. Blest heats the plastic and traps the vapors inside the system’s pipes, vapors are then cooled and condensed into crude oil. Crude oil can be used in generators and stoves. With additional improvements Blest will be able to produce gasoline.

Currently Blest is more of a prototype and is only designed for households. The $10,000 price point is too much for an average household. When put into a major production, this cost will drop in an fairly quick.

Let’s just hope it does.