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Honda has recently unveiled an all-electric Fit EV concept model. Fit EV will deliver a top speed of 90 mph with its 2.0 liter engine and will be able to go the distance of 100 miles. Just like the recent CR-Z hybrid, it will have three-mode electric drive system which will include Eco, Normal, and Sport Modes. Charging Fit EV only takes 12 hours through 120 volt outlet and 6 hours through 240 volt outlet.

Honda has been leading innovator in environmentally friendly technology for decades now. It is one of the few car manufacturers out there that hasn’t relied on green washing to get customer loyalty. With gas-electric CR-Z, hydrogen powered FCX and now all-electric Fit EV Honda will have most consumer niches filled.

Since Honda has been one of the first auto manufactures to launch environmentally friendly cars, its innovations has progressed extensively. The Fit EV is a good example of this innovation implementation. With all new display advisory system, the Fit will be able to suggest to shut down air conditioning and other accessories when are not needed to maximize battery life. Even the Navigational System is going to be linked to Honda’s satellite system for the ability of locating a charging station nearby. There is also a Smartphone and computer connectivity for viewing the state-of-charge, initiating a charge, and pre-conditioning of the vehicle.

So the big question is “when is it going to come out?” Well, actually fairly soon. Although the actual month hasn’t been mentioned, most people in Japan and U.S should be expecting it in 2012. It is still up to debate whether Honda will actually launch it by then. Even if does happen, don’t expect to see one within first six months. Anything that comes out from such a well known manufacture will probably be in extreme demand.

But until then, the hope of Fit EV being under twenty thousand dollars will still be in the back of everyone’s mind.

Either way get the pre-orders in now, this one is going to go quick.


LG electronics recently unveiled an all new LED based projector at International Consumer Electronics Show. The HW300T is the first pocket size LED projector to have eco-friendliness, exceptional brightness and compact design. The HW300T is also a first projector to have DLNA-certified broadband function.

There are very few LED based projectors on the market today that will push 100 ANSI lumens. Most of them are simply too low in lumen count, meaning it will not perform well in anything else but a completely pitch black room. The HW300T somehow manages to incorporate 250 ANSI lumens into a projector that is no bigger than a person’s hand.

Let’s not leave out the fact that most LED projectors today mostly support 1024×768 resolution, and anything above that will simply shoot the price above two thousand dollar price range. LG has created something special here by introducing a projector with 1200×800 resolutions which can be scaled to 720p. With 720p resolution slapped on the specification list will likely attract many home theater consumers. Especially when it comes with ATSC tuner and broadband function. These two additions pretty much complete the package that most projector consumers are looking for out there. It also has the ability to stream Accuweather and to connect to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will make HW300T most accessible LED projector on the market to date.

This is by far LG’s most energy-efficient projector. The maximum wattage use does not exceed 100 and since the lamp is LED based, the consumer won’t have to change the lamp for 30,000 hours. Knowing that the lamp is also mercury free will put many environmentalists at ease. Although the price hasn’t been officially announced, it is speculated to be right under $1000 dollars.

Life is indeed good again.